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Why Us

Bangladesh is a developing country. It has already brought a remarkable development in all sectors after becoming independent. Among all the sectors, Garments Industry of Bangladesh is playing a leading role to the rapid growth of it's economy. Currently 6,000 (more or less) garments factories and 1,500 (more or less) buying agents are working in 100% export oriented RMG sector. Being a co-traveller of this stupendous Garments Industry, Rupakar Bangladesh Limited possesses some basic distinctions which have made him better than others.


Assurance of International Quality: Our prime concern is to attain the International Quality of product. That's why, we assure the best quality by taking some significant initiatives:

  • We go through the excellence from the procurement of Yarns, Fabrics and Accessories.
  • We always think from the customers' point of view.
  • Buyers guidelines and instructions are strictly followed by the whole management.
  • Giving importance to the use of modern and latest garments' technology.
  • Always we are cautious about the production environment.
  • Deploying the strong and highly experienced QC Team comprised of Quality Manager and Quality Inspectors.

Competitive Price: We do believe in long-time business. Hence we always quote a very competitive price. This is why our quotation never becomes dishonoured. Receiving a lowest price, we sell huge volume and thus we like to maximize our profit.


On Time Delivery: We have no experience of failure of shipment-schedule. Buyers are the basement of our business. So, we never create inconvenience regarding the valued buyers. We always follow the Supply Chain Management (SCM), Time and Action Plan (T & A) and perform a Timely Shipment without missing the delivery-schedules.


Smooth Communication: Buyers are always in a comfort-zone with us. They can contact us smoothly without facing any troublesome situation. Every communication from our buyers is so important to us. We never mistake to realize the urgency of communication. We have a prompt response over phone, by mail and video conference.


Business Ethics: Business without ethics never becomes crowned with success. Human beings are bound to be legal because of law and regulation enforcement system. But nobody is bound to be ethical. It depends on one's willingness. Business Ethics may be respected by the owners of the business and employees as well. Rupakar Bangladesh Limited is a company which going on bearing moral principles from it's inception. In all of our business-dealings (such as Purchase Contract, Product Quality, Commitment, Term of Payment, Accountability and so on), Business Ethics are never violated.


Business Relation: Rupakar belongs to the most mentionable characteristic maintaining a nice and fair Business Relation whereas he wants to run his bustling business. We would not like to negotiate in the matter of Business Relation. Because we strongly believe that where there is no relation, there is no business. So, Business Relation always gets the earliest priority from us.


Dedicated Export Team: Including the governing body, the company owns a dynamic and dedicated Export Team has been working around the clock to execute the buyers order. The Chairman, Managing Director and Directors are closely related with all the procedures from order collection to shipment for making a supreme service to our buyers.


Social Responsibility: We do believe that the business quality, culture and success cannot be achieved skipping responsibilities to it's social and environmental impacts for the betterment of our customers, employees and the world we're all living in. The social responsibilities we have taken are not only a confirmation of some legal requirements, but also the cordial effort to improve the living and working standard in all aspects. Some of them are:

  • We use advanced technologies in all of our manufacturing procedures being careful about environmental concerns effectively.
  • We are always against the violence of human rights and lobour rights.
  • We do not support any national or international terrorism.
  • Our awareness building campaign and support: To use arsenic free drinking water, to learn basic hygiene issues, to use sanitary latrine, encouragement for afforestation program, and family planning.

Trustworthiness and Reliability: This virtue relating business can not be earned within a short range of time. It's a long time process to get the recognition. We are never agreeing to break the trustworthiness and reliability which have been achieved from our buyers in exchange of hard work for a long time.